Embracing vs Fighting a Dis-ease

What if we took a different view in the way we think about our illnesses? What if we embraced “what comes may” rather than fight it with all our might?

The reason why we tend to tell others to “fight the disease” or to “continue fighting, we’re behind you all the way” in support of those close to us, stem from our belief that diseases or illnesses need to be fought. 

But why is that so? 

It’s because we have been brought up to believe that we need to always fight and struggle for our survival. We are all gifted with a wonderful mental faculty called the will which, for most of us, have been subconsciously programmed to use incorrectly in our lives. Instead of using the will to help us through our obstacles, we have been programmed to use the will to fight anything that comes our way. Most of us have been subconsciously using the will to think about what we don’t want rather than what we do want, and obviously, we get what we think about the most. We have also been taught that we need to fight our way through the issue, to get what what we want through the myopic view of how we think we can achieve a goal rather than use our reasoning and intuitive factors to help us get past our obstacles.

So why is fighting detrimental to our health? Because we are either growing or dying. Our body have 2 modes of operation: it either goes into growth mode, which means that it replaces some of the community of the 50 trillion cells that have been utilised, OR it goes into stress mode, which means that it stops replacing the cells that have been used up to prepare us for “fight or flight” mode. 

Think about this also: our body is a community of 50 trillion cells working together in harmony. When they are at disharmony, that is when dis-ease occur. 

Ever since we were young, we’ve been subconsciously taught to be competitive against our peers. We’ve always been compared against one another since we were babies. As we grew up, we were placed through exams, which is apparently the determinant of how smart we are, which then supposedly led us to our career path, for the rest of our lives. It is so easy to fall into that trap, thinking that “I have to compete to prove that I am better than the other person.” Yet, have you ever stopped to question the assumptions behind this “survival mentality”? 

Similarly, we fall into the same trap when it comes to healing ourselves from our illnesses. We’ve been brought up to believe that if there is something wrong with us, we need to go to a doctor who will then give us the prescription to “fix us up” so that we can continue to think and behave as we have always been doing all our life. The main flaw in thinking that way is that we submit ourselves to believe that an illness is always something bad that needs to be fought against, without triggering an awareness within us to think about how the illness may serve as a lesson for us in this lifetime. It invokes the fear within us, the competitive nature that we have been brought up to believe in, so that we may overcome our challenge through fighting the disease. What we don’t realise is that although this fighting spirit within us has its merits, continually fighting an illness increases the release of stress hormones within our body, which, if it has no way of being released, can only trigger even more issues for us in our bodies.

Here is a video showing how a tumour can literally dissolve before your eyes within a matter of minutes but what needs to also be understood is the preparation work that goes behind this “miracle.” Prior to the ultrasound showing the cancer dissolving away, the patient was taught to change her habits, change her diet, believe that it is possible AND to come from a place that there is no cancer. Every chant in the video had a meaning, and that meaning needs to be ingrained into the patient’s subconscious mind in order for it to affect the body as it had done in the video. This is very different from western medicine which fights off the disease, but doesn’t teach the patient how to reprogram their subconscious beliefs and their lives, and subsequently, it is not uncommon for these illnesses to return after a period of time. Is it really coincidental that many patients only live for as long as their prognosis? You decide. 

Dr Darren Weissman put it so well when he used the analogy that that illnesses can sometimes be disguised as gifts in strange wrapping paper. Western medicine operates on the belief that if something is “abnormal,” it needs to be fought back into place. It’s the war mentality; the “I’m stronger than you” mentality. As Dr Thurman Fleet explained back in 1934, doing this merely treats the physical symptoms within the body, but we forget that there is another state of energy which controls the physical body, causing the symptoms to occur in the first place! 

It took me some time to realise this. And I never came across Dr Weissman’s idea or Dr Fleet’s idea until I decided to stop fighting my existing reality but to instead embrace it as a lesson to be learned. Such is the power of the universe: we only attract ideas that are in sync with our thoughts and we don’t attract other ideas until we decide to change them. 

On a personal level, I was like everyone else when I first came across my son’s autoimmune condition. I was a warrior. I was a fighter. I used my will to find all the potential physical occurrences that would have happened to lead  my son down the unfortunate path of living with an incurable disease. And guess what I found? An endless vortex of problems… more fear… more frustration at everything that happened to me… a disbelief that I could’ve been so stupid to have done what I did which may have caused my son’s disease… which led me to go into the emergency department annually… always having constant issues with my own health… yet I continued to fight…

After years of doing this, after years of slowly waking up to all the events that were happening around me (yes, I’m a bit slow! 😜) I began realising that everything that occurred in my life was happening for me, not to me. Everything that happened had an inherent lesson behind it, and it made and shaped me to be who I am today. 

When I stopped stressing about the obstacles before me, I stopped my annual visits to the emergency department for illnesses which  doctors couldn’t pinpoint. When I looked at all my challenges as learning opportunities, I couldn’t help but want to learn more and share what I’ve learnt with everyone else who is willing to listen to me. I feel more at peace, happier, more joyful and I feel more love and more loved than before… I must’ve instructed my brain to start producing more growth hormones rather than stress hormones as I switched my thinking from having an obstacle as a “problem” to having the obstacle as a “lesson for my growth.”

The way I look at it, an illness may be a wake up call for us to change the way that we behave or think for ourselves. It may be the “hard physical evidence” that the universe sends to us because we haven’t been aware of all the more “subtle hints” that the universe may have been sending us so that we wake up to our true potential in life.

My advice to those who are willing to listen to me is this: 

If you have an illness and you’ve been continually fighting it, ask yourself, “What would happen if I stopped fighting and started embracing it instead?” Even if you do not have the answer right away, your body would start to produce the growth hormones that you need to start repairing itself on its own accord. 

When you start embracing a situation and look for the good in what seems to be a really terrible situation, you are exercising your freewill to choose how you respond to a situation. It is in your response that your body will also respond accordingly. When you stop fighting and instead accept things as they flow your way, you will find the opportunities that have always been there for you. When you choose to accept your illness and move on, you overcome your need to be competitive, to compete with the disease, to be stronger than the disease, so that you may win the battle. There is no battle. The battle only existed when you believe that there is a battle! 

When you respond to your illness rather than react, you use your will to your advantage, by focusing on what you do want instead of what you don’t want. When you continually look for the good in a situation, you’re coming from a place of infinite love and abundance. 

On some levels, I feel as if we are like the community of 50 trillion cells that make up our bodies. Each of us have a function, yet we have to co-operate with one another to help each other grow as one. I feel like I’m a messenger to those who are on the same wavelength as me. And I’m not about to give up on my message anytime soon 😊

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