Gratitude, Vibration and Your Physical Reality

Gratitude is one of the most commonly used feelings to express our love for everything that is going on around us. Expressing gratitude – particularly when times are difficult – is one way of finding the good in all that we do. It is in the act of feeling the good that we begin to shift our feelings, which Bob Proctor refers to as our conscious awareness of our vibration.

I’ve always practised writing in a gratitude journal, or at the very least, thinking about what I have to be grateful for on a daily basis. And it isn’t uncommon for me to feel an immediate shift in my vibration as I express my gratitude for all that has happened in my life. In fact, I find myself tear-up from feeling the depths of the true meaning of love when I think of my family and how my soul contacts have led me to become who I am today.

Spirituality has taught us why we need to be grateful in all that we do. Though I have been practising it for some time now, I never actually understood why being grateful or being in love causes a shift in my own vibration. I’ve learnt through Dr Bruce Lipton that by feeling good, we instruct our brain to secrete “good feeling hormones” to support our growth, which is exactly what we need to maintain our physical life on this physical plane. So, perhaps that is why spiritual teachings push us in that direction.

I also learnt through Dr Candace Pert’s research that our cells behave like our subconscious mind. Research has shown that our conscious mind operates only 5% of the time; the rest of the 95% is being controlled by our subconscious programming. On a cellular level, what this means is that if we aren’t consciously aware of what’s going on around us (because we don’t pay attention to being aware of our conscious mind), anything that is not “out of the norm” will be disregarded by the cells, which means that our brain will not be “informed” of anything new (because we’re not looking out for it).

But how does feeling good (love, grateful, joy etc) control what we perceive with our physical senses, on a physical level? Or feeling bad, for that matter? We’ve all heard about the law of attraction, and that everything is vibrational… but it is always difficult to decipher something which we cannot see. I wanted to see a scientific connection between us as spiritual beings and us  as physical beings. That’s when I found out about neurons, how they are connected and disconnected, and the integrative web of the neural network which makes up the body.

The following video provides a fascinating imagery about the formation (and disconnection) of the neural networks in our body. The first observation that came to mind when I watch the video was how the body behaves like the web of consciousness that we are all tied to.

Watching the video, a flash of idea came suddenly to me: if our feelings (our conscious awareness of our vibration) establish physical interconnectedness which bridge the gap between what we “see” (physically) and what we feel, and we know that that this network grows with our increased awareness of what is going on around us, imagine the possibilities if we could fully establish this connection between the brain and the heart, when they are in sync with one another!


We’ve been told time and again that opportunities and solutions are omnipotent. We’ve also been told that we can only “receive” the answers when we are in tune and in vibrational alignment with the answers. That is why Bob always uses the imagery of our brain as a satellite receiver, and that we only receive that which we are in tune with. Establishing this neural circuitry between the brain and the heart is how we tune our body to become the TV receiver, to tune into the channel of solutions that we are after. It is how we tune our cells to become more aware of what’s going on, which is not how they have been programmed to be previously. It is how we reprogram our subconscious mind to give way, to allow our conscious mind to become aware of what we are doing and watch out for the answers to the questions that we seek.

I now understand why I feel a shift in my vibration daily as I express my gratitude for all that has happened for me (notice I didn’t say to me, because I know that I am in control of my life). And I can see that the more I have to be grateful for, the more established my neural pathways would be to continue to look for the good in my life, which leads to me being more aware of the good in my life.

If you feel bad about a situation, you should always remember that you have the freewill to change the way you think and feel. By exercising your freewill to see the good in what you’re seeing, you begin to change the neural pathways that were previously established within your body, between the heart and the brain. As you disconnect the pathways that no longer serve you, and establish new neutrons and pathways to match your new take in life, you will notice a different take on life which you’ve previously never been able to see.

Now that we know about the establishment of the neural networks within the body, we should  be more aware of how we feel as we now know that it has an impact on how we perceive the world. James Allen was spot on back in the early 20th century.

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