What is RH? How is this different from other energy modalities? Solomon, from “Solomon Speaks” described it like this:

“There’s more power coming to you. It’s going to be accessed in a new way. It’s something that you’ll be very in touch with. You’ll recognize it immediately. Also, this energy is lighter than it has been. It’s freer. It will come more readily. It’s tangible.

There is this light that is a part of creation. It is a healing light, the white or clear light that people refer to. You are now being able to transfer that white light to those you touch. It’s a healing light; before, it wasn’t that quality of energy. That’s how it’s changed. When you transfer this white light to them, they begin to not only see the light, but to be able to heal themselves.”

How does this “new light” work? Solomon continues on:

“…you’re awakening them to their potential that they’ve forgotten in this life. It comes from an unconscious state and can be cultivated with their own life force. It’s as if you’re triggering their memory. You give them a piece of the light and they begin to see, and not all the way, not right away for many. For many it takes time. But it’s there. It’s been planted for them. And each time you work with them, the memory becomes stronger for them to access.”

“What you are doing is reconnecting strands.” “What you are doing is reconnecting strings.”

In Eric’s words, the strings “was about simultaneously occurring (parallel) planes of existence: It was about subnuclear physics. It was about describing the fundamental structure of the universe itself… ‘Reconnecting strands’ implies that rather than continuing to evolve forward in a non-linear fashion, the human race will benefit by simultaneously reaching back in time and bringing forward certain aspects from when we were a more complete people. That’s part of what’s happening now with The Reconnection: We are reconnecting with who we once were.”

The concept of parallel universe occurring simultaneously may be a difficult concept for us to grasp, given our limited senses and concept of what makes up a dimension. As Eric explains it:

At the minute level of string theory, a realm so tiny that it can be described only through highly complex mathematics, the universe isn’t the four-dimensional construction we humans are used to perceiving and living in. Humans function in a world of height, depth, width, and time. That’s all we know. But that’s not all there is—not by a long shot.

So far, physicists working with string theory are postulating that the strings exist in anywhere from 7 to 11 different dimensions simultaneously. Eventually they’ll find a 12th—some already say there are more. At the other end of the cosmic scale, scientists now have evidence that some particles not only disobey Einstein’s “cosmic speed limit”—the speed of light—but greatly exceed it.

Anita Moorjani explained the concept of parallel universe in her book, “Dying to be Me”:

Time felt different in that realm, too, and I felt all moments at once. I was aware of everything that pertained to me—past, present, and future—simultaneously. I became conscious of what seemed to be simultaneous lives playing out. I seemed to have a younger brother in one incarnation, and I was protective of him. (Anita recognises the younger brother soul as her older brother in this plane).

In other words, time didn’t run linearly the way we experience it here. It’s as though our earthly minds convert what happens around us into a sequence; but in actuality, when we’re not expressing through our bodies, everything occurs simultaneously, whether past, present, or future.

It seems as though our five senses limit us to focus only on one point in time at any given moment, and we string these together to create an illusion of linear reality. Our physicality also limits our perception of the space around us, confining us to only what our eyes and ears can see and hear or to what we can touch, smell, or taste. However, without the limitations of my body, I took in all points of time and space as they pertained to me, all at once.

So what does RH mean to me? Eric describes the process like this:

All of a sudden, when we, as healers, work with someone, not only are we feeling wind in our hands when the room is still—or bubbles or sparkles or magnetic pulls and pushes—we are bringing others into a place where they, too, are interacting with other dimensions. Not only are we transitioning, but we’re assisting others in their transition into transsensory, or transcendsory, human beings. We are taking them across or beyond their basic senses. We are shepherding them through and into change. But more than that, we’re helping them to evolve beyond their human limit, to exist above and independent of material experience.

It would be my pleasure to be able to share this profound experience with you, to help you grow, heal and accelerate your path in life, to achieve all that you want to achieve. It has changed my life, in an unexpected yet remarkable way. I hope it will do the same for you too, as we all move together, towards a higher vibration. As Solomon reminds us:

“There is a universal truth to every moment of life. There are millions of version of that universal truth that happens in every moment. It comes from unity with the energy in our lives. When you’re not in the way, you clear the way for that universal truth. That’s what touches people’s lives… Everything is revealed in its own rhythm. ” 




Joanne is a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner who facilitates Reconnective Healing (in person and distance) as well as The Reconnection (which can only be done in person). As a recognised practitioner, she would love to be able to reach out and help you on your new and exciting journey.

For those who are open to experiencing Reconnective Healing to feel the new frequencies that it brings into your life, head to the CONTACT US page to book a session.

Some recent testimonials from past clients, most of whom had never experienced Reconnective Healing previously:

“I didn’t know what to expect from my reconnection experience, but I noticed a sense of grounding, a profound awareness of my surroundings and a tingling sensation to my forehead during the session. After the session, my mind was a lot more open and observant to the negative and unhelpful thought patterns that I have built up and how to reduce or break this cycle.”

P, Melbourne, Australia (distance session)

“Though I had read about RH prior to the session I was still unsure of what to expect so I chose to go for it with an open mind. After a few weeks I seem to have developed a renewed sense of awareness in terms of what is happening around me and lessons that I could potentially learn from them. In addition, I can see myself being a lot more confident which is helpful on both personal and professional fronts.”

– P, Perth, Australia

“I had no prior exposure to reconnective healing. As such, I had an open mind going into this trial. I was told to be aware and alert of the sensations I feel while the healing is in process. As I settled my mind and body, I began to feel a kind of ‘coldness’ on my right arm. This ‘coldness’ can best be described as the feeling you get when Deep Heat was rubbed on your skin. The sensation probably lasted 5 minutes. Apart from that, I had tingling/twitches on my left feet. Apart from these sensations during the session, I felt some soreness on my left arm a day or two after the session. Throughout the course of the next one or two weeks, I had no other unusual experiences.”

B, Brisbane, Australia (distance session)

“I had my first Reconnective Healing session and it was a unique experience. After settling in, I felt like I had floated off the bed I was on as if I was as light as a feather. I saw a field of daisies on a warm sunny day then I floated on top of a forest where I was looking down at the trees with a waterfall. It felt very relaxing. Before I went into the session, I’ve been having a sore shoulder for months but it miraculously dissapeared after the session.”

-P, Perth, Australia.

“My session with Joanne was a very relaxing one. I felt very much at eased. There was some interesting sensations. Felt thoroughly refreshed too that day. Thank you Joanne :-)”

– R, Perth, Australia

I was asked to lie down comfortably with eyes closed. It was a relaxing experience. Felt rested after the session. Didn’t notice abnormal sensation. Interestingly, the healer felt body ache during the session. I fell down & sustained bruises on both legs one week earlier & still felt sore then. That’s fascinating.”

W, Subang Jaya, Malaysia (distance session)

“My session with Joanne was very different. Something I have never experienced before. I felt very much at ease once I left my mind blank and experienced some interesting sensations. I felt the effects of the healing in the next few weeks. Thanks Joanne.”

– A, Perth, Australia


For more information about RH, including scientific studies that have been done to date, please visit https://www.thereconnection.com/