Self Image

Self-Image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishments. – Dr Maxwell Maltz

Message I received today about self-image

Boundaries are set by an individual in a physical world. Without them, one cannot move on or back from it. We want you to know that boundaries are an important part of your physical life because they’re the ones that separate you from other objects in this world. Without boundaries, there’s no ego. Without ego, there’s no you, no individuality. So it’s important to have them in your physical experience. But you also need to understand that boundaries are only set in place by yourself, by your own version or illusion of your reality. What you see is what you feel; what you feel is what you see. You need to know that in order to begin seeing something new in your life, you need to change how you feel from within. That’s where the self-image comes in. You need to see and feel yourself as if you’ve already accomplished what it is that you want to achieve, before you can physically get there, before you can physically see and sense yourself there. It all starts in the mind, that which is connected to the all-knowing. It all starts with YOUR MIND. It all starts with YOU.

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