The definition of successful living

What is the true definition of success? Earl Nightingale said, “Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.” I would summise by saying that it is achieving what you’ve set out to achieve whilst being happy and satisfied with what you’re doing.

So how do you maintain your happiness whilst you do what you’re doing? By following your passion. By doing what you love.

Are you doing what you love? Your passion is usually the determinant of what you have come here for. The idea is that by doing what you love the most, you’re always fuelling your own fire from within. Your environment may be dark and cold but if the fire within you is strong enough, if your will is powerful enough, you will maintain that fire on your own. 

This video really spoke to me. If only I was younger when I realised the true meaning of success. If only I had spent my time doing what I have always wanted to do since I was little. I remember when I was about 3, and I told my mum I wanted to help other people. I had no idea how, but mum planted the idea of being a doctor into my head, and I failed miserably at that. If only I had listened to my intuition, instead of allowing my external circumstances to control who I become. If only I had followed my passion rather than follow my rationalisation to complete a course which I didn’t enjoy and spending the next few years being stuck in a well, unable to see my way out. 

That’s all history now. When we move forward in life knowing that today is always a brand new day, for us to start again, to believe that all that has happened had occurred to make us grow in this lifetime, our regrets about the past turn into opportunities for growth. 

There is no better time to decide what you really want to do right now. There is never an opportunity that has surpassed you: if you’re meant to have it, and you’ve made up your mind to go for it, it’s usually yours to have. 

Always look for the good in everything and everyone and you’ll find that success is always within your grasp – if only you’ll decide to have the success that’s before you!

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