True Health Comes from Acceptance, Embracement and in Looking for a Solution

I truly agree with the author of this article. After all my research and personal experiences, I found that the solution to anything, including your own health, NEVER comes from fighting an existing reality. It can only come from acceptance, embracement and in looking on the other side of your problem. In essence, it’s about increasing your awareness, making the decision to look for the good in the situation AND to actually look for the good, despite everything that comes your way.



The truth is, we have all been brought up from a limited perspective. This stems from our own limited understanding of our own capabilities and of who we truly are. The majority of society have been brought up to believe that everything in this world is a competition. Competitiveness, just like Darwinism has been the key assumption about life. Consequently, we all believe that we are limited to our bodies, that our circumstances control us or that we have absolutely no control over anything and everything that happens to us. Whilst we may not have control over everything, the key point here (and as pointed out in the article) is that we need flow with nature. Some of us may be too resistant to changes happening around us, and paradoxically, it’s as if nature forces us to STOP and THINK about what it is that WE DO WANT.

I recall Abraham-Hicks every time someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness. I’m paraphrasing here, but Abraham basically says something like this: We love it when someone has a terminal illness. It forces them to do the only thing that they can do: STOP and BE IN THE MOMENT and FEEL THE JOY in being in the moment. It forces them to REALLY think about what it is that they want to achieve in their life.

If you’ve had a terminal diagnosis, or if you’ve just been diagnosed with an illness with no cure, what will you do? Seriously think about this… if you’ve just been given say 6-12 months to live, what is it that you really want to do? Don’t think about your existing resources: your money, your time, your freedom… Let’s pretend that you only have that time to really live the life of your dreams… WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?

Miraculous spontaneous remissions have occurred but most of us do not hear about such stories because we don’t concentrate on looking for the good in a terminal diagnosis. Dr Kelly Turner found that there are 9 common threads in the people who experienced miraculous healings, but only 2 of them deal with the physical. The other 7 relate to your mental, spiritual and emotional being… it relates TO YOUR ENERGY!

What stops most of us from doing what we want is because we are limited by our thinking from the limited perspective that we’re in. And because we have been programmed from a limited point of view, because we’ve been programmed to believe that whatever the doctor says is true and that there is no way we can ever heal ourselves, we limit our mindset to the “I cannot do this.”

Though difficult as it may be, I tend to view an illness as nature’s way of forcing us back on track… to think and do what we are meant to do here in this lifetime. It also forces us to continually look for the good in any situation. Why? Because ANY situation is the way that it is. It is OUR perception that makes it positive or negative. The law of polarity is always there but we have the freewill to choose what it is that we want to think, feel and do! That is a gift that has been given to us, right from the moment we were born. Just as the gifts of our mental faculties of memory, reasoning, will, imagination, perception and intuition.

The next time something really challenges you in life, my challenge to you is to STOP, become AWARE of your thoughts, DECIDE that you will feel joy in looking for the good in your situation and ACT on your decision.

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