Water, and the cycle of life

The end of winter

The ice melts

Turning into gushing water

Flowing down the mountains.

Nothing is impossible

With persistence

And perseverance

As it gushes down

Eroding the rocks and soil

Along its way;

No path is too difficult

Nor too painful

No path is erroneous

No path is unforgiving.

It flows downstream

It wears away its obstacles

And with each challenge

It turns it to its advantage

Creating magnificent falls

Leaving behind a wonderful trail

To be enjoyed by all

Who appreciates its beauty

And wonders at how it chips away

Even at the hardest stones

Wearing it down

Making it smooth

Giving way to its indestructible path.

It’s summer now

Evaporation begins

As it rises into the heavens

The cycle of life

Turns it into the clouds

Which brings rain in autumn

And snow in winter

As it begins another cycle of life…

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