Where is your focus?

Two nights ago, I had a dream, and though I couldn’t recall the details of the dream, an imagery stood out, demanding my attention. It was an image of a bouquet of flowers, specifically made of 3 red roses which aren’t in full bloom, surrounded by a scattering of small, white flowers. The image stood out for me because I was drawn to the red roses, not so much the tiny periphery flowers on the side.

I proceeded to look up the meaning of each of the symbol of my dream, because I was sure that it was one of those symbolic dream rather than a dream of me in the future. The 3 represents life, vitality, inner strength and self exploration. It was also representative of the mind/body/soul. The red roses represented love, passion, desire whilst the bouquet was a sense of respect, admiration, love and healing energy. White flowers meant sadness whilst wildflowers meant that less complications are needed. Flowers in general was an expression of love and joy, of hidden potential and talents.

Combining everything together, I came to the conclusion that I was drawn to the red roses because it represented our inner ability to bloom. And because they weren’t in full bloom, it meant that there is still room for me to expand and grow. The white wildflowers provided the bouquet (of life) with a balance. Without sadness, how would we know what joy is? Without restrictions, how would you know the true meaning of freedom?

As a whole, the bouquet represents our life, the roses represent our true self, and the peripherals of white flowers represent “the little things in life that makes us appreciate the big thing in life.” We have the ability to shift our focus towards what we want. Or, what we don’t want. We can choose to look at the bouquet as a whole, or we can choose to concentrate on the menials of our life and whinge about them. We have the choice.

So, what is your focus in life?

Are you focusing on what you want?

Or what you don’t want?

Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.” We cannot move if we stay stagnant. We cannot progress if we don’t decide.

Where is your focus?

The choice is up to you.

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