Who Are You?

Link to Muniba Mazari’s inspiring speech.

Most people seem to always complain about what they don’t want, even though you’ve pointed out the way for them to move forward in their lives. We’ve become a society that is so reliant on our physical senses that we’re no longer aware of what’s going on the inside.

Is it any wonder then that we become trapped in this dogma of despair? Everywhere we go, we search for problems, rather than look out for the solutions. In everything that we do, we’re looking for what can go wrong, rather than what can go right.

We are only aware of that which we seek.

Bob Proctor puts it so well when he said that prayer is when we’re talking to God and that intuition is when God’s talking to us. Our problem is that we are always busy, and we leave our phone receiver off the hook. We are so busy searching for the things in the physical world to support our beliefs that things are not working out for us, that even when we are shown the way, we are unable to see the solution right before us.

Has that ever happened to you?

Ask yourself…

Do your current beliefs and paradigms support who you really are on the inside?

Or do they support who you’ve been told you should be?

Are you true to yourself in your actions right now?

Our body is the instrument of the subconscious mind; that which is programmed by our physical world, but that which is also connected to the infinite self of who we are, and who we have come to be. When the subconscious mind is “confused” it can only send confusing signals to the body.

So let me ask you again… who are you?

Are you who you want to be? Or are you who you’ve been told you should be?

Think of yourself as an egg. The eggshell is your paradigm that have been programmed into you since you were a baby. That’s your protective layer. That’s your safety zone. If you allow yourself to be subjected to external forces, you will break. If you continue to stay within the shell and you choose not to grow, the shell will eventually break and so will you. Nothing is stagnant in a world that is constantly moving.

You are spirit and spirit is always for expansion and fuller expression, NOT stagnation. As you grow, you will break out of the shell that has protected you, and that’s when life begins for you. If you don’t break free from it, external forces will occur to make you break free from your protective shell, as a last chance to allow you to become who you were meant to be.

My story is similar to Muniba Mazari’s. Though I didn’t endure the pain and suffering associated with an accident, my awakening was through my son’s very rare autoimmune condition. It was because of his suffering that I was awakened to my purpose. It was because of him that I stopped forcing things to happen in my life and learned to go with the flow of what life has to offer, knowing that if I continue to look for the good in every situation, that every challenge in life comes with another opportunity for growth. I’ve trained myself and continue to train myself to look for the good in every situation, with a sense of childlike curiosity and an increased awareness of everything that’s happening in my life.

What about you?

Are you true to yourself?

Being authentic starts with knowing who you are. Growing requires you to have a goal of where you want to be.

Are you sufficiently aware of everything that’s going on around you?

Are you paying attention to your intuition, which is God’s way of answering your questions?

Or are you too busy searching for anything and everything to support your current belief about being trapped where you are?

You are as free or as chained as you make yourself to be.

The decision is yours to make and enact upon.

What will you choose?

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