Why am I here?

No doubt, at some point in our lives, we’ve all asked that question in one way or another. This is especially the case when we’ve been given a diagnosis and a prognosis of a disease with no real “cure”: merely treatment to help alleviate the pain, to prolong our life to live the life that we were meant to live.

Question is: What is my purpose in life?

Most of us have been taught to silence our inner voice from a very young age. We were brought up to believe that those who are older than us are wiser than us, that they know better and/or that our imagination is not our reality, and that we can only work with our physical reality. Truth is, “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.” The very fact that it existed in your mind implies that whatever your goal may be, however out there it may be, you can manifest it into your physical reality.

In essence, when a person is given a diagnosis and a prognosis for something with no cure, it’s essentially forcing the person to stop what he/she is doing and actually ask him/herself, “Am I living my life purpose? What is my life purpose? Who am I?” That’s why I see an “incurable disease” as a second chance in life, if only we’d stop to actually look for the good in a “bad” situation. Because we’ve been so busy living the life that others expect of us, we haven’t actually had the chance to think about what it is that we want.

What do you want in life?

We are all born with an inner GPS: we need to pay attention to that and that’s an art that is unique to us. No one can show us exactly what our life purpose is; the other person can only prod us onto our path to show us the way. When we are in our path, our life is our own journey, our own discovery. In a world where there is no separation, only interconnection, everyone we meet plays an important role in our life. Again, the key is to be aware, be curious and move forth in our life. Solomon, from”Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life” by Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponzlov said:

“Every life is golden. Every life that you come in contact with is golden.”

Every life force whom we encounter teach us a lesson that we need in order to grow as a human being (as Wayne Dyer used to say, human being and not human doing). Being reminds us that we need to be aware of our surroundings including our internal self; doing is when we are so externally focused that we ignore everything including ourself.

Why are you here? What’s your life purpose?

“You must concentrate on what you have in common with humanity. That’s your gift. Not on what makes you separate. You possess the energy that can access a great portion of humanity… You must listen to your instinct in order to follow your life to its conclusion and fulfil its mission here on this plane” – Solomon (from Solomon Speaks)

In essence, our true life purpose is focused towards serving humanity in some way or another. That is why Wallace D Wattles said that “The law of compensation is directly proportional to the need for what you do, your ability to do it and the difficulty there is in replacing you.” Essentially, the law of compensation is about energy flow. The greater your influence in helping others and serving humanity and environment, the greater the energy flow returns to you in terms of abundance and compensation.

Quoting Solomon again:

“Your life is That Which Is and is connected to a greater power that perseveres and is throughout the universe. Your life is of that same energy as the cosmos, and you must allow yourself to feel that energy as it flows through you… You must, in order to fulfill those dreams, connect with the deeper energy inside your life. You will find as you continue your path, you will recognize this energy in a more concrete form…

In other words, listen to your inner voice, be aware of your vibration, empower yourself with the knowledge that you need to move in your life and just do it!

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