Why we don’t heal just by reading self-help books

There is a SIGNIFICANT difference between reading something and actually doing it. That is because our body is controlled by our subconscious mind, not the conscious mind.

That is why you can go into therapy for years, or you can read 1000 books in 10 years, but NOTHING changes until it is you decide to change AND you take action on it. You can be as positive as you want, but unless you press the record button on your subconscious mind to reprogram your subconscious mind, NOTHING will happen.

This is why Dr Thurman Fleet’s stickperson diagram is SO IMPORTANT. It helps us to visualise the mind-body connection and how we can actually change our own results.

You may know of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne or perhaps “You can Heal Yourself” by the late Louise Hay. Perhaps you’ve heard about Reiki, or Qigong as a form of healing. Maybe you’ve heard of a hypnosis program that helped a person heal from their condition, whether that’d be healing from a physical disease or healing from a fear such as aviophobia or acrophobia.

But do you understand how or why it works? It’s because of the way the body operates in response to the subconscious mind.

Through my years of being acquainted with the numerous types of healing modalities that are available, I learned something that was profoundly important:

You cannot heal yourself if you’re unwilling to take the responsibility to create the life that you want to live AT THE SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL.

Regardless of the healing modality, the most important thing to realise is that nothing happens until you take action.

How do you take action? By reprogramming your subconscious mind!

Listen to what Dr Lipton has to say about the conscious and the subconscious mind:

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What I have learned through the years is that there is no real, single cause of autoimmune conditions (and that includes cancer). Things like toxins from the environment or cigarettes may be correlated with cancer but it is not the cause of it. No one knows what is the single cause and I don’t believe that we’ll ever find a single cause of autoimmune conditions.

My own personal experiences have taught me the importance of accepting and going with the flow of life, whilst KNOWING that there is good in what seems to be a bad situation and then taking action in creating the life that I want to live. This does not mean discarding conventional treatment or eastern medicine altogether, or that one’s better than the other… True healing comes from a wholeness approach. It involves understanding who we are, why we’re here and utilising the treatments and methods that are made available to us right now to help us overcome our situation, thus, healing ourselves so that we can live the life that we want.

I see autoimmune conditions (including cancer) as a second-chance in life. There are lessons ingrained in the condition, both for the patient AND for those around the patient.

We are all born with the tools to create the life that we want. Our bodies have the innate ability to heal itself. But it is up to us to understand how it all works so that we can utilise this knowledge, to move forward in our lives, to live the life that we deserve.

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