You are more than you’ve been told to be

As I asked for my daily message on Monday, I received this eye opening message…

You are love and you are loved.

You are a creator and you are the created. You have created your own existence on this planet, in this life. As you live your life, you continue to create your own reality, your own existence, your own world. Your world is but your perception about life. You are born with the freewill to choose how you want to live your life.

Never give in to the challenges, for growth and opportunities are just on the other side.

There is no boundary, only that which is separated by the boundaries of illusion that is before you.

You are capable of what you believe yourself to be. Wanna fly? You’ll devise a way. Your only limit is your belief about yourself.

Everything is already here but a change in your frequency of your being attracts to you the ideas and know-how of how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Learn it.

Use it.

Be an example.

Believe in yourself. Work from within.

You are powerful: realise the power that is you. Unleash your power and you shall see before you the magnificent creation before you of what you have made, and that which you are.

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