You are responsible for your own life

Were you brought up to believe that if you have an illness or a disease, all you have to do is to go to a doctor and a magical pill will be given to you which will cure you? Whilst I am grateful for all the medical professionals who have helped me, my family members and friends to go through our difficult time, there is one very important factor that has been missed when it comes to taking care of ourselves: RESPONSIBILITY.

The thought that there’s a “cure all” somewhere “out there” is nothing new. We’ve been looking for this miracle cure for hundreds and even thousands of years. 


Because we have been programmed subconsciously to believe that the answer lies outside of us. 

Because we have not been programmed to think for ourselves, to be responsible for our own lives.

It is always easier to blame something or someone else for the issues that we face. It’s in the food. It’s in the water. It’s in my genes. It’s my fate. Whatever it is, we’ve been programmed since we were very young to use our external circumstances as an excuse, causing us to be unable to move forward in our lives. We’ve been programmed to believe that things happen to us rather than for us, and it is this misunderstand that has caused a lot of conflict in our lives today. 

You see, doctors can help us, but only if we, too, do our part in helping ourselves. We’ve been taught death is a bad thing, and that diseases are terrible events without a cure, that things always happen to draw us back. 

But what if you changed your view? 

What if you view life as a temporary existence, which we’re here to live the lives we are meant to create? What if diseases and circumstances weren’t happening to you, but rather, for you to help you realise your infinite potential within? What if, instead of submitting to the fear that you were brought up in, you look at your life from the “I can do it” attitude? 

With a change of perception, you start to accept responsibility for creating the life that you want to live. 

Perhaps the “cure all” has always been here for us… it’s just that we have been unaware of it for so long, and because we weren’t taught about it, we’ve been ignorant to this information all along! 

Make the change in your life. Instead of blaming your circumstances by believing that you are the victim of your situation, change your perspective and ask yourself, “I know this is happening for me, so how can I make this instance work for me?”

Here’s an interesting video on why we should all start taking responsibility in our own lives.

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